6.8kg/9kg Weighted Blanket Adult Full Queen Size Cotton cover heavy blanket reduce Anxiety quilt for bed sofa winter comforter|Blankets

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Navy Blue Cover:1x Cover

Light Grey Cover:1x Cover

Dark Grey Cover:1x Cover

Light Grey Weighted Blanket:1x Weighted Blanket

Dark Grey Weighted Blanket:1x Weighted Blanket


Dear friends,if you choose the cover,you will only receive one cover!!! if you choose the weighted blanket,you will only receive one weighted blanket!!! Our cover is more compatible with our weighted blanket,we suggest that you order both of them.


This weighted blanket is engineer to be 8% to 12% of your body weight. This 15 lb blanket is perfect for people between 125 to 185 lb. The 20lbs is perfect for 180-220lbs. The 25lbs is perfect for 230-250lbs. Do not use for children under 5 years old. The full size is 15lb, queen size is 20lb.


Full (15lbs-6.8kg) Comforter 48-inch by 72-inch 120x180cm Queen(20lbs-9kg) Comforter 60-inch by 80-inch 150x200cm

The inner blanket is made with silky soft microfiber fabric. Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and ordorless. We sew the blanket with the advanced technology to make sure the weight of it is evenly distributed, comfortable and soft. Heavy Glass Beads are evenly distributed and compartmentalized inside the blanket to provide an even weight distribution that will not shift.

Because of adult life stress, my anxiety was being negatively compounded by my lack of sleep. This crippling exhaustion was affecting not only me, but people around me I loved. I was short-tempered to everyone, my professional work was sucking because I couldn’t focus, my recommended medication caused unpleasant side effects, and lastly… my restlessness in bed was hampering my wife’s valuable sleep as well. Something had to change. Like most people plagued with sensory issues, I was convinced this drained existence from sleep deprivation was my life sentence. I Was Wrong. I DISCOVERED a natural method of anxiety alleviation called Deep Pressure Stimulation. The practical, simple secret is weighted blankets. The heaviness stimulates calming chemicals in your brain, causing you to twitch less, feel secure, and ease your mind.

I traveled the globe to confer with specialists how to assemble the most comfortable and effective weighted anxiety blanket ever. Then Degrees Of Comfort was born.


Color: 2 color for choose Note:This product arrives very tightly packed. Please shine it and allow 72 hours for this product to return to its original shape.

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