Waterproof 7.2W 5V Portable Folding Mono Solar Panel Charger USB Output Controller Pack for Phones

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We find other sellers copy this panel with the same design.


Maybe some people think it will be better, because it is the same item with little cheaper price.


But actually the copied item is made from polycrystalline solar cell, never monocrystalline one!


The efficiency of polycrystalline is 13%-15%, but the monocrystalline one we using is up to 19%!


We are always responsible to our products and buyers, and we will never do fake or lower quality panels to drop the price and win more orders!


Also we do not want to see the copied ones making the market to be disordered. We suggest to compare the feedbacks for the similar items.


We may not provide you the lowest price on internet, but we do promise the best quality / price ratio!


<The panels from other similar copied ones:>


<The panels we using:>


The monocrystalline solar panels will be much better charging function than polycrystalline one.


Most parts of the solar bag are made by hand. It will take lots of time and also labor cost.


​In order to get a quicker producing, other copied items are usually crudely made.


You can even find thread or glue still left on the product when receiving. 


The rope for hanging is an important function. But it may be easy for being broken, due to the simple sewing.


But we will never do such a simple work. 






-Solar Panel Peak Power: 7.2W


-Solar Type: A-grade monocrystalline


-Solar Panel Output:   6V/1.2A   (max, at no-load condition)


-USB Output: around 5V  / 0A-  1.5A ( max, at no-load condition)

(All solar panels' outputs are totally decided by sunshine intension.

When testing its current, please try to do this under direct strong sunlight at noon.) 


-High efficiency: >19%


-Output interface: USB2.0


-Extend Size: 545*170*10mm  /21.5x6.7x0.4 inch


-Foldable Size: 170*105*30mm  /6.7x4.2x1.2 inch


-Weight: 0.3KG


(The size and weight info will be different as per different designs and measure way. Please in kind prevail.)


-Color: green camouflage, digital camouflage, desert camouflage, black, green, yellow, red... 




Now this item is updated to be 2 versions, with restart charging function ( $26)  or without it ( $25) .

Both the 2 versions can charge well 5v power banks, Android phones and iphone series.

The difference will be on the restart charging for iphone.


Due to the working feature both for solar panel and iphone, when sunlight is weak, iphone will refuse the charging.

When sunlight becoming stronger enough, the Restart Charging one will resume the new work on iphone automatically.

But the one without restart charging will need you to do this manually. 

You need to pull off the charging cable and do new connection with solar panel to restart the charging.

So that if you use iphone series, we suggest to choose the one with Restart Charging function.

Or if you do not use it, the general one will be ok.


And please kindly leave a message about the color you need when ordering it. 

Otherwise, goods will be sent randomly as per current stock to let you receive it asap. 



SHIPPING:  Please Allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery


Model Number: ggtc-f7w
Number of Cells: 4
Brand Name: GGX ENERGY
is_customized: Yes
Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
Nominal Capacity: 7.2w
Size: 150x80mm
Max. Power: 7.2w
Solar Panel: 7.2W
High Efficiency: >19%
Output: 6V*1200mA (max)
Extend Size: 490*180*5mm
Foldable Size: 180*102*25mm
Materials: PET laminated+PVC
Weight: 0.3KG
Flexibility: Foldable
Application: Solar Charger without Battery
Max. Power: 7.2w

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